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    • White people:
      You have to wait for the facts before you talk about Ferguson!

    • Eyewitnesses:
      He was on his knees with his hands up.

    • Medical examiner:
      There was no gunpowder residue on Mike Brown, no sign of struggle, and there were entry wounds on the inside of his arms and the top of his head, implying he was on his knees with his hands up.

    • Convenience store owner and clerk:
      There was no robbery and we didn't call the cops.

    • Ferguson PD:
      Okay, we admit it, Wilson didn't know anything happened at the convenience store and we determined no crime was committed.

    • ...

    • ...

    • ...

    • White people:
      Nobody can say what happened! We still have to wait for the facts to come in!

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shut the fuck up Fox News


    shut the fuck up Fox News

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    here’s to hoping that 2015 is 100x better than the pile of shit that is called 2014

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    Darren Wilson supporters are the literal worst. 

  5. Your mother did not raise you with a wolf in your chest so you could howl over losing a man.

    read this on here today and i haven’t stopped thinking about this quote since  (via pluiedem)

    - reblogging to source the original quote by inkskinned

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  6. ☛ Keep up to-date on the events in Ferguson


    And in the nature of keeping everyone in the loop, please reblog this link if you’re going to spread word about it. It’s just a list, impartial, a great way to know everything from start to current events.

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    prepare for high school then prepare for college then prepare for your career then prepare for retirement then you’re dead 

    then prepare for skeleton war


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